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What's Up? Camp OHIO!
Leave for Camp Ohio, Tuesday, May 20---back home Friday, May 23!

Homework Hotline: Monday, May 19, 2014

Language Arts: NO HW. Summer reading suggestions on itslearning!
Math: NO HW
Science: NO HW
Social Studies: NO HW

Need help with homework, studying for a summative, reviewing concepts?
ZAP! Is here for you!
EIMS Library, 3:00-4:15

Join us next year!

To learn more about each of the 6th grade classes click on the image below:

Mrs. Wainscott: Math (nicole.wainscott@ghcsd.org) 33060-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Smart-School-Girl-Surrounded-By-Math-Symbols.jpg

Mrs. children.gifBrown: Social Studies (cheryl.brown@ghcsd.org)

summer_reading.jpg Mrs. Covell: Language Arts/Literacy (eileen.covell@ghcsd.org)

BEAKER.jpg Mrs. Dunlevy: Science (vicki.dunlevy@ghcsd.org)

backpack.gif Ms. Parsons:Traveling Teacher (brittny.parsons@ghcsd.org)

spanish_teacher_notebook_card-p137434700907880545z85p0_400.jpgMrs. Hatcher--Spanish (carolyn.hatcher@ghcsd.org)

art2.jpgMr. Sauer-art (chris.sauer@ghcsd.org)

boy thinking.jpg Mrs. Turner--ELC (kate.turner@ghcsd.org)

Suggested Links for Looking Good and Sounding Smart!

Typing Skills
Free Rice: Choose skills to strengthen while helping others!
Brain POP
User Name: edisonims
Password: brainpop

Progress Book


Grades in Progress Book will show an "F" if we have entered formative (not for points) assessments only. A grade will not register until the teacher records a summative assessment which is graded for points.